Legal aid helps with the costs of legal advice and assistance for people who can't afford it and is administered in England & Wales by the Legal Services Commission (LSC).

OJN Solicitors have been awarded contracts with the LSC to provide legal aid services in Criminal Law, Family Law and Housing Law.

If you cannot afford the costs of legal advice, you can apply for legal aid. Whether you qualify to recieve it will depend on various factors such as:

(i) the type of legal matter you have

(ii) how much income you earn and how much capital and assets you have

(iii) whether there is a reasonable chance of winning your case and whether the costs of the case justify the benefit you will receive

Legal aid is available for many types of cases. For most cases, you must be 'financially eligible' to receive legal aid.

However, you can receive legal aid for some types of help regardless of how much money you have.

Legal Aid if you are in reciept of benefits

You will get Legal Help if you or your partner recieve:

(i) income support
(ii) income-related Employment and Support Allowance
(iii) income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
(iv) guarantee credit part of Pension Credit.
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