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OJN Solicitors
"keeping the law simple, affordable and precise"

OJN Solicitors
"keeping the law simple, affordable and precise"

Immigration Appeals

Following the introduction of the Immigration Act 2014, the rights of appeal in immigration cases were severely restricted

However, rights of appeal still exist against the following decisions:

  1. Refusal of a human rights or protection claim and revocation of protection status.
  2. Refusal of entry clearance and refusal to vary leave to remain, in some situations, where the application was made before the Immigration Act 2014 was in force.
  3. Refusal to issue an EEA family permit as well as certain other EEA decisions.
  4. Deprivation of citizenship.

Where there is no right of appeal, it MAY be possible for a person to apply for an administrative review of a refusal of an application if it is an eligible decision and it is alleged that a case working error has occurred.

Where there is no right of appeal and you are unable to apply for administrative review, it may be possible to apply for Judicial Review.

If you need help with your immigration appeal , our qualified immigraton solicitors will be happy to advise you on the options available to you annd give a frank, honest assessment on the potential of your case.

Our immigration solicitors and and advocates have a wealth of experience in immigration litigation and have successfully acted for clients at the First-Tier and Upper Tribunals, the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Our Immigration Appeal Solicitors provide competent, confidential legal advice regarding your defence and are able to offer effective legal representation.

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