Civil Litigation

We have good quality legal experience representing clients as either claimants or defendants in a wide range of County Court and High Court matters.

We focus first on resolution (except where urgent action is required) but where commercially appropriate we have no hesitation in resorting to litigation to achieve the client's objective.

However, we are committed to finding alternatives to avoid unnecessary and costly litigation by facilitating open and frank communication with the other party. This may involve cost-effective alternatives such as mediation or assisted communication sessions.

We offer a prompt, efficient and practical service and have the flexibility to adapt to the particular needs of each individual client. We represent companies, partnerships, sole traders and other organisations.

Our Services Include:
  • Property Disputes - neighbour disputes, boundary disputes, building disputes
  • Contracts - breach of contract, purchase of goods and services, general or more complex commercial transactions
  • Consumer Law - faulty goods, vehicles, builders, electricians, plumbers, patios & driveways, car finance disputes
  • Debt Recovery - we aim to recover our clients debts as quickly as possible with the highest payable interest rates
  • Professional Negligence - if you have suffered loss due to negligent service you have received from a professional (eg. accountant, lawyer, surveyor) we can assess and advise you on the merits of your claim and any remedies that may be available.
OJN Solicitors can offer a free assessment of the chances of success of your litigation but if there is a complex point of law, we may require counsel's opinion to assess the merits of your case. There is a fee of £500 + VAT for the barrister.

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