Actions Against Police


Know your rights...

Actions against the Police are civil claims for compensation following police misconduct.

They are instigated in the civil courts and, if successful, could result in compensation and legal costs being paid by those responsible to the injured party.

After taking your instructions, we can provide straight forward advice as to whether you may or may not be entitled to compensation and assist you in making an informed decision as to the best way to deal with your matter.

We can help you with any potential claims you may have against the police and also others for example shop security staff, prison officers, court or government security officers amongst others.

Possible Claims:
    1. False or wrongful arrest
    2. Police Brutality/ police assault
    3. False imprisonment of unlawful detention
    4. Malicious prosecution
    5. Negligence
    6. Misfeasance in public Office
    7. Trespass to property or goods
    8. Breach of the Human Rights Act 1988
    9. Unlawful stop and search
    10. Racial discrimination

If you have been detained, then your detention must be justified by the immigration officers at the time of your detention. A failure to lawfully justify detention or a failure to correctly review your detention quickly may result in the detention being unlawful.

In certain circumstances, it may be possible to seek damages from the Home Office for unlawful detention.

OJN Solicitors are experts at dealing with these claims and can assist on a ‘no win no fee‘ basis where possible.

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